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CMONCMON Limited, formerly known as CoolMiniOrNot is a publicly listed miniatures and board game publisher, trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It also operates a miniatures related site coolminiornot.com that features user submitted images of their painted models for voting.

CoolMiniOrNot was founded as a community site for posting images of painted miniatures, inspired by Hot Or Not style dating sites.

It later began publishing board games and miniature games, notable titles include Super Dungeon Explore in 2011 and Zombicide in 2012.

Some of its games are critically acclaimed, with three games (Xenoshyft, Rum and Bones and Blood Rage) making The Dice Tower’s top 10 games of 2015.

On December 2, 2016, CMON Limited began publicly trading on the GEM board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


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